Kellyanne Conway disappearance explained

Kellyanne Conway has disappeared from our TV screens lately. This should come as no surprise to Opposite View readers. We broke the news on February, 6 of Kellyanne’s new starring role in AMC’s, “The Walking Dead”,  taking her away from her regular media duties.White House press secretary Sean Spicer confirmed our story at yesterday’s press briefing, stating that Conway has been locked away in rehearsals, helped by fellow thespian, Steve Bannon. “She’s really thrown herself into the role”, said Spicer, adding, “many inside the White House are amazed at the way she can transform herself into the character without the need for make-up, but frankly, it’s the way she’s been shrieking at me since I got this job.”.Opposite View was given exclusive access to Conway’s rehearsals and was granted permission to release the behind-the-scenes look below.

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