Trump forgets to take his meds on golf vacation

Trump Meds

Notoriously forgetful President Trump left his meds in the White House bathroom before leaving for yet another golfing weekend in Florida.Melania Trump, in a rare statement said, “Donald needs his daily medication to suppress his worst personality traits and give the appearance of a subdued, relatively normal human being. I slipped an extra dose into his coffee before his address to Congress, and it worked like a charm.” She went on, “I can confirm reports that he did forget to bring his medication with him this weekend, however he did remember to bring his phone.”This fatal combination of insane paranoia, and, thanks to Twitter, the ability to inflict his inner demons on an unsuspecting world, resulted in yet another wild accusation, guaranteed to both fill the media cycle through the early part of next week, and add yet another delay to the second version of his travel ban.”

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