Trump welcomes new FBI director to the White House

Trump welcomes new FBI director to the White House

President Trump wasted no time naming James Comey’s successor yesterday. Former Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov was met by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and later named as new FBI director during an oval office meeting with the president. US flags stood alongside Russian flags and will continue to do so as part of a hastily signed executive order.Trump heaped praised on Lavrov. “Sergei’s a great guy who I’ve known for years. We were looking for a new director with experience who can hit the ground running from day one. Sergei fits the bill perfectly. He’s been privy to all of my private conversations and has had access to the documents on our servers for years.”“Sergei’s also promised to have the results of the phony Russia investigation on my desk by tomorrow morning. We’re looking forward to a great working relationship in the months ahead.”

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  1. Right concept, but you’ve got the wrong Russian. Putin’s the one with the impressive law enforcement experience.

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