Melania’s evening gown causes concern following Comey testimony

Melania’s evening gown causes concern following Comey testimony

Melania Trump joined her husband last night for a celebratory dinner, following James Comey’s Senate testimony in which the former FBI director proclaimed, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”White House fashion consultant, Sarah Huckabee Sanders gushed, “Melania wanted to show how passionate she is about recycling. She found several boxes in her husband’s Oval Office closet marked ‘Goodwill’ and decided to do something fun with the contents. I’m sure you’ll agree that her designer did an unbelievable job.”This story got a lot of attention. Credit goes to Virginia Fitzgerald for her wonderful creation “Black Widow” which I used as the idea for the story. It is a life size dress sculpture created out of chicken wire and VCR tape. Learn more about the sculpture and check out Virginia’s amazing work at

19 Replies to “Melania’s evening gown causes concern following Comey testimony

  1. Trump is a known liar corrupt business man pervert and criminal in every step of the way. The hierachy of the Republican Party are a combined force of disgusting low life anti semetic bigots liars and thieves. Corrupt rich bastards trying to overturn America and all American values! I hope God puts them all where they belong. They are all no better than the Isis scum!

    1. I agree with you totally. they are all in this which is probably the reasons the do nothing. They will ride this horse as long as possible, then dump him when they finally have what they want, to tear America and her people apart. The rich get richer and well pretty much fuck the rest of us Americans. They are all cut from the same evil self-serving cloth. Why 45’s minions still think he gives a shit about them is truly mind blowing. He lied his way into office and nothing changed when he got there. He campaigns as though he is still running. He has to have his kids around him to keep him in line, they all know how “touched” he is. He thinks he is impervious and no one can touch him so he can go about doing all his misdeeds and no one will do anything, he might want to rethink that option.

      1. The truth lies here. And minions are just that. Weak, spineless and ignorant of their power to defeat a demigod and despot. We surely have someone here who thinks of himself as one. We can only have hope that “my how the “mighty” have fallen” , comes to pass sooner than absolutely too late. Third world countries would mount a revolution. We’ll be third world soon, but lack organizational abilities.

  2. There’s no way she made that dress there’s no way anybody made that dress except a dress designer another false statement from the Trump connections

    1. LMAO!! You didnt get the joke, clearly…hahha the dress is made from the tapes Trump was teasing and intimidating Comey with…funny!

    2. She said her designer did it. I hate the Trumps as much as the next person, but there are plenty of real important things to get angry over.

  3. Money-saver. I just hope a clearer picture is shown. The actual gown. The pix is so cropped. It could have looked really authentic. I love recycling. Such an ingenuity. Go Melania 😍😘😍

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