Ivanka’s “Made in America” fashion show turns into a no-show

Ivanka’s “Made in America” fashion show turns into a no-show

President Trump is unveiling “Made in America” week at the White House today to promote products made in the United States.However, the week started badly Sunday evening, when Ivanka’s hastily arranged “Made in America” fashion show left crowds and fashion photographers wanting, with America’s top models unable to find a single “Ivanka Trump” item that wasn’t actually made in China.Helen Ferre, the White House’s director of media affairs, admitted to reporters at a briefing following the event that trying to promote Ivanka’s brand and the “America First” message was always doomed to failure.

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  1. Ideas change with time. It takes time to shape them into practice. There were times when US capitalists urged to manufacture products in foreign countries with cheap labour and idea of more profits ignoring national interest. Mr. Trump realized the GREAT idea to produce in America, create jobs, improve economy. It will take time to give it a shape, but once came into being, will again produce quality products with Made in America label, of which America was once proud.

  2. Maybe more items she copied and stole patents to. All of her junk knock offs she ripped off from other companies. Frauds, the whole family

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