After long week, Scaramucci turns to Bannon for advice

After long week, Scaramucci turns to Bannon for advice

So ends one of the longest weeks in political history. A week in which Anthony Scaramucci quickly transitioned from smooth to coarse, making some interesting observations about fellow White House staff in a profanity-laced New York Times interview, especially regarding yoga-loving Steve Bannon.News broke late in the week that Scaramucci’s wife had filed for divorce, citing Donald Trump as the other party after Scaramucci proclaimed undying love for the President just a week earlier.With his personal life in tatters, Scaramucci finally turned to Bannon for advice. “Steve calls this position ‘the fandango’. I’m still not sure how he does it”, a source inside the White House quoted Scaramucci as saying, “After a week of trying, this is a close as I can get, but Steve’s promised to act as my personal trainer until one of us gets fired”.

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  1. he’s no longer interested in self-gratification. it’s why he’s so concerned about the hair and make-up person. he wants to make sure that his orange and brown lips can be taken care of before he goes before the cameras: enthusiastically gained from tossing the Orange One’s salad at least hourly.

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