Trump voters “feel safer” with refugee ban in place

“I do feel safer,” said Dotty Ray, 72, a retiree from Savannah, Tennessee. Dotty always felt terrified to leave her homestead for fear of being beaten senseless by a Syrian refugee mother and accompanying toddler. Now, thanks to her commander-in-chief, she can rest easy knowing the only thing she has to fear is her husband’s irrational temper and that Colt 45 under the bed.


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Trump accidentally fires acting AG

Today senior White House officials had to be remind Donald Trump that he was no longer on the set of The Apprentice after firing acting AG, Sally Yates. Sources close to the President admitted it was only a matter of time before his daily habit of uttering his famous catch-phrase would have unintended consequences.


General Craziness

Trump starts new birther controversy

Donald Trump hit back yesterday following criticism of his faith from Pope Francis. Trump was heard discussing the Pope’s credentials with counsel Kellyanne Conway, “I bet he’s working under an alias. There’s no way his name’s Francis, and heck, he doesn’t even look Italian”.